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Vacuums in Nature [Infographic]

Did you know that the Taski Aero can suck up more than an elephant? That’s 15 litres to an elephant’s capacity of 14 litres! Vacuums are essentially just empty spaces that fill up when air pressure forces air into the vacuum. We find this fascinating – so fascinating, in fact, that it got our team […]

Optimising Energy Costs in Winter

Winter tends to be a season of increased energy spend by businesses in all sectors; between keeping your business property well-lit and your staff and premises warm, energy costs in the colder months skyrocket. Reducing your company’s winter energy payments, however, doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Your business can create a wide range […]

The True Cost of Sustainability

Sustainable business practices can be costly, however, they can also create value over time. Depending on your business sector and audience, you may address these steps as corporate responsibility or sustainability, but they should be focused on how your company wants to improve the environment and society. Brand Image and Reputation Both brand reputation and […]

How to Clean Your Business and Remain Sustainable

Having a green or a sustainable business has become a necessity to remain competitive and appealing to both consumers and investors. Green cleaning products are healthier solutions to traditional ones, reducing the impact on both the health of your employees and the environment. In the present world, sustainability refers to a “triple bottom line” of […]

How Eco-Friendly are Vacuum Cleaners?

Cost reduction and cost control measures need to extend to choosing an energy efficient vacuum cleaner. This allows for an increased ROI alongside an investment in sustainability in business. Vacuum cleaners must keep to eco-friendly requirements – which goes deeper than the required bag replacement on a regular basis for maximum performance. Energy Efficiency Our […]

Business Benefits of Being Eco-Friendly

The health of our environment is vitally important for everyone, whether you own a business or not. If our planet’s health declines, so does our own, so it’s little wonder that many people are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. As a business, your impact on the environment will be greater than that of […]

Cleaning Solutions for Hotels: Increasing Productivity

Housekeeping in hotel environments needs to be undertaken quickly and effectively to allow for quick changeover of guests without compromising on cleanliness and quality, which could ultimately damage the reputation of an establishment if the cleanliness is not up to standard. As a hotel manager, you’ll know all this already, and with a bit of […]

Does a Dirty Office Affect Productivity?

Most businesses pride themselves on their brand, doing everything they can to look and act in a presentable, professional manner, even down to the clothes that their employees are wearing. However, for some, this effort often goes by the wayside in the office – especially if clients never visit the non-customer facing office side of […]

5 Facts About Office Hygiene

Although looking clean on the surface, your workplace can be hiding dangerous bacteria with the potential to transmit serious diseases. Office sickness costs businesses in the UK more than £77 billion every year in lost productivity. Office hygiene is an important component for businesses that can’t be overlooked; many dangerous diseases can easily spread through […]

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