Highest efficiency with low noise emission made by TASKI

TASKI AERO BP / TASKI AERO BP Lithium Backpack Vacuum

3in1 multifunctional platform 3in1 – back pack vacuum, tub vacuum and blower.

Multifunctional – battery or electric tub vacuum function
Both the powerful & efficient model and the ultra-versatile Lithium battery model can easily and quickly be converted into an ultra-compact tub vacuum. Simply remove the 4 x bolts attaching the backpack webbing & straps with a screwdriver. Screw in the four caster wheels and you now have a slim & low profile battery or electric tub vacuum.

Multifunctional – battery or electric blower function
Both models can easily and quickly be converted into a useful backpack blower. Attach the blower plate to the exhaust outlet and you now have a backpack blower to deal with debris such as leaves, paper and even sand. Perfect for dealing with debris in seasonal or inclement weather. No need to buy a separate blower, save your money.

Light, quiet & discreet

The AERO BP is perfect for stairs, lifts and entrances. The battery model is exceptional for transport, leisure, building circulation areas. Anywhere the presence of the public makes safety a priority. Low weight & sound level is achieved through smart design & materials without impacting performance and creating unpleasant heat. Small dimensions, subdued colour and low profile make it ultra-discreet.

Comfort & ergonomics

Low overall weight is critical to any back pack vacuum. At just 4.7 kg (electric) and 5.3 kg (battery), they are amongst the lightest performance back pack vacuums available. The slim profile and webbing made from hi-tech modern ruck sack materials deliver near perfect weight distribution and exceptional user comfort.

Flexibility / Autonomy

Three in one – back pack vacuum, tub vacuum and blower. Both models can easily and quickly be converted into either an ultra-compact tub vacuum or a leaf, sand or debris blower. To save cost and improve flexibility the same lithium batter/charger from the TASKI swingo 150b scrubber drier is used. The AERO BP lithium model has a run time of 30 mins and a recharge of just 90 min. Extra batteries are available for increased autonomy.


The EU Eco Label Rating is the measurement of overall performance. The AERO BP electric version is highly rated at A. The AERO BP Lithium delivers a highly credible 22 L/sec whilst the electric model delivers a superb 30 L/sec of suction. The optional TASKI Turbo Brush delivers brilliant cleaning performance.

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