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Cost reduction and cost control measures need to extend to choosing an energy efficient vacuum cleaner. This allows for an increased ROI alongside an investment in sustainability in business. Vacuum cleaners must keep to eco-friendly requirements – which goes deeper than the required bag replacement on a regular basis for maximum performance.

Energy Efficiency

Our energy labels comply with the European commission legislation for energy efficiency. Ranging from a scale of A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient), the label provides a good visualisation of how efficient vacuum cleaners are.

Taski Aero 8 Plus has an energy consumption of 21.1kWh/annum and the Taski Aero 15 Plus has an energy consumption of 20.6kWh/annum. Our vacuum cleaners have an energy rating of A+, which means that they are in the group of the most efficient machines. The rating means that Taski Aero vacuum cleaners have a maximum usage of 22kWh/annum.

energy efficient

Dust Re-Emission and Removal Levels

Aero 8 Plus has a B rating for dust re-emission levels, which translates to a 0.08% re-emission level. Regarding dust removal, this vacuum cleaner has a >79% dust pickup on carpet and a >102% dust pickup on hard flooring.

Our Aero 15 Plus provides an even more efficient solution, with an A rating that translates to only 0.02% dust re-emission – the highest rating for vacuum cleaners. When it comes to dust removal, it provides a >79% dust pickup on carpet and a >105% dust pickup on hard flooring.

Noise Levels

Noise pollution has a direct impact on our life, as loud vacuum cleaners can impact hearing over time. Whether causing permanent ear damage from constant exposure to loud sounds or any other adverse impacts, the level of noise produced by vacuum cleaners is something to consider. The decibel (dB) range of vacuum cleaners is vital; it shouldn’t go above the 85dB mark.

Any noise above this level can cause permanent damage to the cells in the inner ear, leading to permanent hearing loss. The Taski Aero has a patented cushioning technology that provides our vacuum cleaners with a low 50dB(A) level. Our Taski Aero vacuum cleaners have the equivalent noise to a quiet, urban day. When set in Eco mode, the noise level is reduced to 50dB(A). The Taski Aero 8 Plus has a maximum level of 66dB(A) and the Taski Aero 15 Plus has a maximum level of 62dB(A).

Eco Mode

Taski Aero vacuum cleaners have an Eco mode button, which provides an even more efficient use of our products. This mode reduces the motor consumption by 50% to help reduce costs and to provide a more sustainable choice.

Easily set the Taski Aero vacuum cleaner to operate at any time of day with the Eco mode. The noise reduction function to 50dB(A) is perfect for environment in which noise level is sensitive. Healthcare, public spaces, or day cleaning are made simpler.

If you’re looking for a high efficiency vacuum cleaner, just get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll advise you on which of our products provides the performance you need for your business.

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