The health of our environment is vitally important for everyone, whether you own a business or not. If our planet’s health declines, so does our own, so it’s little wonder that many people are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly.

As a business, your impact on the environment will be greater than that of just one person. From running up large utility bills to producing much more waste, it’s essential that you look back on your operations and see where eco-friendly options could be used instead.

We know what the environment benefits from making such changes are, but what’s in it for you as a business?

Reducing Your Outgoings

Contrary to popular belief, going green and making more energy-efficient choices can actually reduce your bills. Going green with your business doesn’t just mean implementing eco-friendly appliances – your processes also need looking at, too.

Monitoring energy usage and determining where cuts can be made, can include switching all machines off when they are no longer needed or fixing things such as dripping taps where energy is being unnecessarily wasted.

Profit | Eco-Friendly

It’s not just energy bills that you can reduce; by reusing and recycling, you can actually cut unnecessary costs, too. Make sure that only the right materials are used for a purpose to reduce the chances of waste. Even adopting a paperless policy can help you cut down on your expenses, as you won’t need to purchase paper on a regular basis, or use electricity to run peripherals such as printers.

By using appliances such as environmentally friendly bulbs for your lighting fixtures, to  choosing a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner, there’s plenty of ways for you to save money any reduce your business’ impact on the planet.

Attract New Customers

Consumers are also on the lookout for ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint, too. This means that they will often do their research and see how their purchases affect the environment. Many insist on purchasing from sustainable businesses, or at least, businesses who are showing that they care about the planet.

Being green can help set you apart from your competitors – it gives you a more relatable edge and one which shows a caring side as well as your corporate one. It’s perfect for improving your business’ personal image, and often attracts more customers and clients, as they will want to be a part of your environmental journey, too.

Happy Customer | Eco-friendly

According to a study by Cone Communications/ Ebiquity Global CSR, as much as 85% of worldwide consumers said that they would try and seek out more ecologically responsible products where possible. That means people will be seeking your business out because of your green commitment.

More Sustainable

The less of an impact you make on the environment, the more sustainable your business will be, as you won’t be relying as much on the planet to make you money.

By opting to use more sustainable sources for your business to run on – ones which don’t heavily rely on natural resources –  you will be less at the mercy of Mother Nature and her wrath when it comes to making money.

Making sure that your business is as sustainable as possible for success in the future should be reason enough for you to want your business to become more sustainable.

Health of Your Employees

Health is often attributed to nature, with many businesses and offices using plants to help reduce sickness in the office. However, it’s not just speculation – inviting a little nature into your office can actually help keep sickness levels at bay.

Office Plants | Eco-friendly

By using plants and other eco-friendly decoration options, as well as providing delicious eco-friendly food, it can be a great way to boost the health of those in the office, through the cleansing and purifying of the air, and discouraging eating junk food while at work

Even using eco-friendly cleaning products can help keep your staff safe from germs and viruses while avoiding damage being done to the environment at the same time. We know all about being eco-friendly – our products have been designed to be extremely efficient and to help protect the environment. So why not get in touch with our team to find out more?

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