Should You Vacuum Your Furniture?

Vacuuming is so much more than just clearing your floor of dirt and debris. It’s not exclusively floor based, which is why you will always notice a variety of attachments which come along with the vacuum; from nozzles to reach higher up places to even attachments perfect for giving your furniture a once over.

But should you use your commercial vacuum cleaner on that three-piece suite in your office lounge? What precautions should you take, and what other furniture could benefit from a deep vacuum?

Yes, You Can Vacuum Your Office Furniture

You may get some funny looks from those around you if you suddenly start vacuuming your upholstery, but it is something that many people do – and can be extremely beneficial to the longevity of your furniture, too.

Think of your upholstery as an extension of your carpet – you wouldn’t leave your carpet neglected of being cleaned for months on end and, much like the fabric of your carpet your, furniture is guilty of absorbing dirt and germs and smells that, without the help of a good vacuum, will linger. Not ideal if you are regularly expecting guests or hold important meetings in your office with clients.

What Precautions Should Be Taken?

Vacuuming may not seem like something that could potentially damage your furniture, but if done incorrectly or excessively, you could be putting the condition of your furniture at risk.

Where possible, try to use upholstery attachments on the nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to give your furniture a thorough clean. The upholstery brush is probably the most common attachment that comes with vacuum cleaners out of the box. The fabric strips on this attachment will attract the dust from the furniture while ensuring a deep clean.

When using the long, thin attachment for reaching into folds and crevices, be sure to keep the attachment moving to avoid material damage following prolonged pressure potentially weakening the material.

Should you use a brush attachment, you should be especially careful when using on leather or vinyl materials as the brushes could potentially scratch it, causing an unsightly mess. However, these brush attachments are perfect for collecting unsightly hair, so use with caution if necessary.

What Furniture Can Benefit?

Aside from the obvious sofa and armchair furniture pieces, there are many, many more items which could benefit from a few passes of a vacuum cleaner.

Curtains often collect a lot of dust due to their vertical nature and acting as a barrier between the window and the rest of the room Taking the upholstery brush, gently move the attachment up and down the curtain. You don’t even have to take the curtain down if you don’t want to!

Similarly, blinds can also benefit from a vacuum from time to time. Just like curtains, they accumulate dust at extreme rates. Using a dusting attachment, get rid of the dust that has settled on them.

There are plenty more office aspects which could benefit from a quick blast from a vacuum every now and then. If you’re looking for a reliable, environmentally friendly commercial vacuum cleaner – look no further. Contact us today for more information.

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