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Cheap isn’t always cheerful, especially when it comes to appliances. With so much at stake if something should go wrong, risking the interior of your home or business should never be an option.

While you may not see the dangers of choosing a budget quality heavy duty vacuum cleaner over a higher quality one, we’re here to show you why quality should always be prioritised over price – especially where vacuum cleaners are involved.

Guaranteed Suction Power

The whole idea of investing in a vacuum cleaner is that you can clean up your property using suction-technology to suck up even the stubbornness of mess and dirt. While buying a budget vacuum cleaner may seem like the easy option, can you really expect a whole lot in the suction department for such a generous price?

With higher quality units, however, better components will be present, and aspects such as the motor are often much more powerful, meaning more can be picked up by the vacuum and increasing the efficiency of your cleaning, too.

Smooth,Sleek Design

While most people don’t necessarily pick a vacuum cleaner for the design, there are some aspects which you should actively look out for – especially if you are precious about your flooring or plan to vacuum your furniture.

Ensure that everything on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner – including the wheels and any brushes – aren’t going to mark your flooring material when used. If not checked, sharp edges of plastic may snag on a carpet or scratch your expensive wooden or tile flooring.

With a high-end appliance, you can be sure that every detail has been meticulously checked to ensure that the product has been finished to perfection. Although, it still doesn’t harm to take a look at the underside every now and then to make sure that the vacuum is still in tip-top condition.

Keeping Your Environment Healthier

Carpets are haven to some of the most common bugs and germs. Embedding themselves deep down in the base of the carpet, they are released into the air when people walk around.

No home or office wants to have unwelcome germs floating around in the air, so how can you ensure that bugs and sickness stay at bay? With a powerful, high quality vacuum, you can extracts all the dirt and germs from deep down into the pile of the carpet rather than just tackling the top few layers and hoping for the best.

Don’t put your health at risk for the sake of a cheaper vacuum!

We’re experts in all things vacuum and giving you the best high-quality service and advice for your investment. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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