Common Vacuum Cleaner Issues and How to Fix Them

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you use your vacuum cleaner, there’s a high chance that you will feel annoyed if something goes wrong in the middle of your clean. We’ve all experienced it at some point – and we’ve all grumbled at “how much it is probably going to cost to get it fixed”. Even the best vacuum cleaner can have a hiccup every now and then!

However, many common vacuum issues can actually be easily fixed without needing to call out a specialist. Before parting with your cash, double check that the issue isn’t one of these:

Can You Smell Something?

Dirty filters often make the vacuum smell when it is powered on. If this is the case, remove the filter and clean gently in a solution of baking soda and water and let air dry. If the smell still persists, it’s time to change the whole filter.

Many issues can arise if the filter of the vacuum isn’t regularly checked and cleaned. Your manufacturer will have included instructions on how to clean the filter of your model, and will have either included some spare filters for you to use as replacements.

Is There a Lack of Suction?

Probably the most common issue you will come across, and possibly the most frustrating. After all, is it really a vacuum cleaner if it doesn’t create a vacuum?

First thing to check is the filter. If a filter is dirty, less air will be able to pass through it, meaning less suction to lift up dirt and dust, even off the smoothest surface.

Next, you should check for blockages within the pipes. Blockages can occur in a number of ways; from sucking up objects too large for the pipes further along, to something getting stuck in the head of the vacuum, such as a build up of hair wrapped around the brushes.

Lastly, check the bag to ensure that it’s not full – if left to fill way past capacity, it’s more likely to burst. A full bag can’t hold any more, and therefore the suction power will suffer.

Turning Off Mid-Clean

Another common issue that can arise is that your unit starts shutting down after you start using it. Causing your cleaning to come to a swift halt part way through vacuuming, it’s understandable that you’re worried the contents of the vacuum bag are about to spill out, but don’t fret.

Instead, leave the unit off for a good few minutes and allow the unit to cool – cutting out suddenly could signify that the motor has overheated. Once cooled, your can attempt to turn your vacuum back on.

If that doesn’t work, try using another plug socket to see if it was a fault with the socket rather than the vacuum.

Being able to fix your vacuum cleaner allows you to save you money, avoiding unnecessary long winded plans to arrange a technician being present. Not everything is as complicated as it seems, but if you do wind up experiencing an issues, you know there’s things you can look for before calling an expert.

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