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A commercial vacuum cleaner is utilised extensively; as a professional cleaner, you are aware of the importance of emptying your vacuum cleaner regularly to ensure it lasts for years to come. Although simple, it may be difficult to know when to empty dust bags and make sure they’re changed at the right time.

Here are a few tips on how often you should empty your vacuum cleaner:


The Full Dust Bag Indicator in On

Our AERO vacuum cleaners have a full dust bag indicator to ensure a simple and easy way of knowing when the bag needs replacing or if there’s a blockage. It is often recommended, however, that dust bags are replaced when they’re around two thirds full or once a month.

Daily and extensive use of vacuum cleaners will create a need to replace dust bags more frequently. Replace bags approximately once a month if the vacuum is used daily to ensure that it continues to work at maximum capacity.


The Suction isn’t as Powerful

A great indicator of a dust bag being full and needing to be replaced is weak suction capacity. Forgetting to manually check the dust bag or to schedule its replacement can occur, which is why it’s vital to notice if your vacuum has reduced suction.

Should you notice that dirt remains on carpets or surfaces after vacuuming, a full dust bag is typically the main culprit. Make sure to check the hose to see if there are any obstructions so that your vacuum can work to its optimum capacity. It’s not advised to wait to wait for the dust bag to be this full before changing it – which is why scheduled changes can be helpful.

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What Do You Typically Vacuum?

The particles that are vacuumed will influence the frequency of when vacuum bags need to be replaced. Very small dust particles can make vacuum cleaners perform poorly and it’s advised that the bag is changed when high amounts of dust are vacuumed.

Certain industrial materials are harmful to the lungs and the eyes; when a vacuum bag is full, previously vacuumed particles escape the vacuum cleaner and re-enter the environment, increasing the likelihood of these particles being inhaled or having contact with the eyes.


The Vacuum Has a Smell

When the dust bag isn’t regularly changed, it’s normal to start noticing a foul and musty smell emanating from the bag. This indicates that the bag is full and can often be combined with particles escaping the bag and settling on surfaces again.

In addition to having to start over with cleaning, you may notice that the surrounding environment retains the same smell emanating from the bag. We understand how vital it is to ensure your business has a positive reputation, which is why we ensure that all of our AERO vacuum cleaners have the latest technology and accurate indicator of a full bag.

It’s fairly easy and effortless to change a vacuum cleaner dust bag – and just as easy to know when it’s full with our AERO vacuum cleaners. Contact us today to enquire about our vacuum cleaners.

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