Allergies aren’t always confined to one season; in fact, it’s not uncommon for some hayfever sufferers to encounter symptoms all year round depending on the area that they live in or the type of pollen that they are allergic to – there’s not just one answer to “what causes allergies?”; pollen, specific foods, dog hair… you name it, someone somewhere will most likely have an allergy to it.

Allergies aren’t something to ignore as even common allergies can cause severe reactions. In a workplace, it’s important to keep your  employees comfortable and, we can all agree, allergies don’t make for a comfortable day when they flare up.

In an office, there are usually hotspots where employees are more likely to come into contact with an allergen, such as carpets, desk surfaces, storage. So, how can you ensure that your workplace remains as allergen free as possible?

Ventilation at the Right Times is Key

Ensuring that your building has proper ventilation allows fresh, clean air to flow around the workspace, filtering out potential allergens and making the work environment a lot comfier for everyone – not just those who suffer from allergies.

However, for those in your workplace who suffer from hayfever, try to avoid opening the windows during the early morning or late afternoon as that is when the pollen counts are at their highest, and while the air is ventilating the room, it’s also carrying pollen, too. This can severely hinder productivity for those with pollen allergies as once the pollen is in the air of the office, it can be very difficult to get rid of.

By avoiding these times of day to ventilate your office, all your employees will have access to clean, refreshing air, which is perfect for keeping them happy, healthy and feeling productive!

Operate a Clean Desk Policy

While an employee’s desk is somewhere for them to feel at home while they work, there’s nothing wrong with enforcing a clean desk policy to keep the spread of germs to a minimum.

This isn’t to say that all desks must be empty; instead, designate set times during the week where your employees clean their desks – including their keyboards, mice and phones – with antibacterial wipes. For an even deeper clean, try encouraging them to vacuum the floor around their desk to dislodge and remove any allergens which may be lurking in the carpet

Due to office environments being a breeding ground for illness, the cleaner you can keep it, the less likely the office will come down with an illness which sweeps through your employees.

It also helps to keep dust levels down, making sure that the well ventilated air nice and clean.

Create a Cloakroom

Many employers don’t think about implementing a cloakroom system and it can seem like a very outdated feature to have in a business. However, outdoor items of clothing such as coats, hats and scarves can collect dirt, debris and pollen in their material, so having them in the office can sometimes trigger a person’s allergies.

Instead of having your employees store their outdoor wear in the backs of their seats, set aside a room where outdoor clothing can be stored during the day so that it is contained. It will also keep your office looking neater without coats trailing off the back of everyone’s chairs!

While allergies are managed by the sufferer, it’s important to do your bit as an employer, too. After all, a sick workforce is an unproductive workforce!

Our high efficiency tub vacuum cleaners give you a deep clean which can help keep your allergies at bay, while also being great for the environment, too. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today!

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